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UPITUP NEWS: New Upfree announced! Videos Up!

Officials now confirmed the rumours about UPFREE18 being released in the next couple of weeks. "[...] we are planning to put it out on the 1st of april," says Monty Peloso, spokesman of UPITUP™ Ltd. Inc. Group.

Neither the artist nor the release title have been announced publicly, but experts presume a new face will join the Upitup family.
We will report on the further development of this case...

Upitup authorities (shown on the left) have been working on a video page displaying live footage (as from their Liverpool gig featuring CEEPHAX, Milanese and DJ Cylob), music videos, projects and other related clips.
Visit Upitup's video page!!!

The independent label has been in the headlines over the past few weeks for its contribution for the 52 Short Weeks project on Peppermill Records, along artists such as Satanicpornocultshop, Daedelus and Gangpol & Mit- and its free Album "Back From The Future" in march...

posted: 19th March 2007