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UPITUP NEWS: OMG Another Upfree out!!

Upitup continues its unstoppable superseries of Upfrees with "Kesalan Patharan e.p." by the notorious Satanicpornocultshop from Osaka, Japan.

Though the release contains only 5 tracks (you couldn't handle more of their swirly plunderphonics, anyways) we consider Upfree35 a solid hit that'll immediately increase your computer's monetary value once downloaded.
$$$ All for free!!! $$$

Satanicpornocultshop isn't only a long but also a big name to many creatures of the underground, they've internationally made their mark with an incredible discography, live tours, reviews and radio airtime all over the world. They have their own label as well as a radio show on WFMU.

Listen to the dadaistic "Kesalan Patharan e.p." now and live happily ever after. Here's a preview to get your juices flowing:

Title : Peeping Boogie

And now imagine some deep-voiced news guy read these further announcements:

The hardest working man in free music biz, Ergo Phizmiz, is playing LIVE in Liverpool this saturday! Come witness him propose to prince William live on stage. More info above, in the gigs section.

Phlow magazine released their "Music From All Around The World" compilation, with Tracky Birthday's "Balla!" on it.

Pierlo is putting his brand new album into the box while you're reading this, it will be out soon, as number 4 of Upitup's fall/winter strike. People are already camping outside the internet in order to get a copy. Sneak a peek:

Oh, and we're currently working on a plan how to turn the netlabel scene upside down - you'll hear from us soon.

Til then:

Up it up!

posted: 17th November 2010