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UPITUP NEWS: "Greatest it" out now!

Please sit down before you read this. The following information might excite you:

Upitup teamed up with 5 of the dopest labels on the web, the who is who of the netlabel scene, the creme de la creme of the free music world, the Eywa of the internet, to join superpowers for one groundbreaking release: ladies and gentlemen, may we present you Greatest it!

18 epic smash hits on one album, by artists that changed the game like no others. Each track so different, they hardly all fit in one .zip file!


Ego Twister, Peppermill, Proot, WM Recordings, Cock Rock Disco, and we merged the energy streams of our proton packs and each selected three of our favorite tracks from our catalogs to create the ultimate upfree. All labels are releasing this album at the same time, with the awe-inspiring artwork by Amandine Urruty.
Upitup is proud to be part of this historic event, this natural spectacle of netlabel goodness. Thanks to everyone involved.

More news:
We've been performing a lot – Jacques, Isocore, Roglok, Noidboy, and Pierlo have been stirring up Liverpool, along with Legowelt, Cursor Miner, The Wyrding Module and many others. Barberos did a whole UK tour! Hapytap's been gigging too, and Tracky played an excellent gig at P1 in Munich which unfortunately got him on the cover of German magazine NEON. His last performance in Stuttgart can now be watched on YouTube.
Manuel "M-Boy" Buerger made a book with Dragan Espenschied (Bodenständig 2000) and netart pioneer Olia Lialina, called Digital Folklore, which is earning respect and reviews like it should. He also is about to release The MIDI Opera, please check the call for interpretations!

posted: 7th March 2010