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UPITUP NEWS: "Hide and Seek" by Noidboy out now!

We're happy to release Noidboy's debut album "Hide And Seek" for free on upitup.com!

Noidboy has been an Upitup family member since the beginning, and it's a shame we couldnt present you this album earlier.
Along 12 never before heard masterpieces you'll also find 3 tracks you might remember from our infamous compilations. All songs on this Upfree are from the same period in the life of Noidboy, mainly between 2004 and 2006, when the insane genius from Rome tried to find a way to part from his tracks but couldn't figure out how to finish the job...

Now, after more than three years, having almost forgotten about these tracks we are able to put the pieces back together in place to finally unleash the beast.
We're releasing it 12 o'clock sharp midnight on new year's eve, sticking it in between two decades. Was it still 2009? Or already 2010? It's a double windmill action just like the music.

Up from the clouds of "Fall" down through a foggy "Octavo Perdido" into a country called "Countrycalls", to the incredible track "Ghost". This album is a beauty of its own, so put it on, look outside the window and enjoy.

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posted: 31st December 2009