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UPITUP NEWS: Back from the future!

Friends & enemies!

Mastermind Pierlo blessed our beloved websiiite with new features: browsing our releases by categories, the upcoming gigs list, sharing albums and single tracks on Facebook, and the uberfancy donation system where you can get your link on our map.
After 6 years and 31 free albums we thought it's time we enable true fans to contribute to our little project. Go place a marker on our map!
Thanks to everybody who already donated some dineros.
More features to be added soon...

We also updated our flickr feed with photos from our last live shows.
Here's a video of CEEPHAX ACID CREW and his ***** liveset at the Upitup 707 Rock and Roland Party in Liverpool:

And this is a recording of Pierlo's live set at Spaceways in Stuttgart: (Unfortunately the crowd yelling wasn't recorded)
Liveset @ The Waggons, Stuttgart by pierlo

Tracky did an interview in German with the national station Deutschlandradio Kultur, and some music by The Discoghosts was featured in the new Rocketboom episode with Weird Al Yankovic. We've been invited to hold a speech at the Roman bookfair in december, and we are curating a channel at WFMU's Free Music Archive.

Stay tuned for some new Discoghosts jams, and a new album by Pierlo!!!

And don't forget to become a Fan on Friendster Myspace

posted: 13th November 2009