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UPITUP NEWS: UPFREE 28 - Tha Freewhelin' Kubic Zirkonia by Pariah Qarey is out! more upitup action!!

Hello world, upitup is not dead! long live upitup!
We are very proud to announce another fresh artist in the upitup roster!
And obviously a new cracking release! "upfree28 - Tha Freewhelin Kubic Zirkonia" is the first album by Pariah Qarey, "sound lad" RAPresenting from the core of one of the freshest music scenes in Europe: Liverpool, Merseyside UK.
This eleven tracker made of pure freewheelin beats, constant RAP hints and meaty synth layers is the perfect companion for your city trips, mind travels, countryside rhyming and supermarket campings!!  Wild style da bomb rzpkt! seriously!!
Take it, download it, dump it on your ear killing portable device! ITS FREE!! upitup!!

Other upitup news:
Jacques Malchance is working on his album "Dub Pets", the perfect album for the next summer!! The hairy mayor shoots his signature "wobbling secret weapon" bass LIVE on jungle/electro/techno tasty layers, c'est de la grosse malchance!!soon on your portable devicese mentioned above!
Isocore smashed his metronome against a record player and suddenly found himself into "sugna": a week of öhr disease translated in ten tracks: available for free on acroplane.org!!
isocore, jacques malchance and Hapytap (upitup future psychgypsyfolkstep clan) are performing live at Loop/Pool, Liverpool @ Mellomello, this saturday, 5 september!!

That's it for now, join us in the "cant stop listening to DETROITISM!!" club!!! but be tuna, loads of news and new music and new nights all over the blue sphere wil be announced in the next few weekends!
OEP IT OEP! OOP IT OOP! ÜP IT ÜP! yes yes yes!

posted: 3rd September 2009