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UPITUP NEWS: Happy Birthday to us!

Easy mates! Hope you're having an upper.
Pierlo just moved to Stuttgart and already played an epic live set with Roglok inside a train car. M-Boy just got back from his world trip, armed with a ridonkulous business card. Isocore moved to Liverpool and has been playing nutty live shows with Jacques MalChance. Tracky made a mini monument of Michael Jackson for an exhibition in Berlin. And Kido's Upfree is still blowing our speakerz!

Here's a quick list of upcoming gigs in the UK and Germany:

Liverpool: Monday 25 May: TEMPO – an open electronic jam session at Fact, Gallery one, 3pm until 6pm. With Uperitive after party featuring Richard Delay, Hapytap, Isocore and many more!

Liverpool: Thursday 28 May CELEBRATING UPITUP'S 6TH BIRTHDAY: Jacques MalChance vs. Isocore, Pierlo, Kido, Doughnutburger vs. Furness vs. Miss Kendall vs. DisKorecka – LIVE @ Lemon Lounge (above the Metropolitan)

Jena: 17 May: Cindy Sizer LIVE inside a fully inflatable room!

Weimar: 26 May: Cindy Sizer LIVE @ Fusion Festival with support of heavy duty construction cars.

We shake more ass than speedbumps!
Also, we're currently working on a new fanzine, but it's still kind of a secret. And some of our artists are participating in our partner label Egotwister's new release. More info soon!

Bella everyone

posted: 16th May 2009