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UPITUP NEWS: New album is out! Download Kido's "Negativeland" NOW!

Isocore and Jacques speaking from their new upitup London (Hackney Wick) headquarter where they're finally chilling out after LOAD #2.
It's been a massive gig, lovely party people and of course quality music from upitup’s finest! The coolest part is that this gig was in fact the release party for our newest release: Kido's "Negativeland"! So let us introduce our newest kid on the block.
Kido from London is the new joining force to the upitup collective, bringing in the freshest satyric horror grime sound you'll soon be addicted to. His five tracks ep of pure bass and sharp snares inspired by the infamous credit crunch will give you some uk bass to worry about!
Enough talking. Negativeland is now out! download it here and play it loud!!


2nd of MAY - Jacques Vs Iso @ News from nowhere, anti BNP party! LIVERPOOL

9th of MAY - Uperitive 2 @ Mello Mello, Jacques vs Iso ambient set, Dave Entity downtempo set, Binka and the mouse, Pariah Qarey, Tom George and visuals by Washington Buckley! Free italian Buffet 3£ donation!

10th of MAY - Jacques Vs Iso ambient set @ CUC Sausage! LIVERPOOL

25th of MAY - TEMPO an open electronic jam session @ FACT (anyone can join please write at signup.tempo@gmail.com!) LIVERPOOL starts @ 3PM

25th of MAY - AFTERTEMPO UPERITIVE3 @ Mello mello With Hapytap and Richard Delay!


P.S. our fellow Vernon LeNoir's new album "New Adventures & Remixes of Vernon LeNoir" is out on the french label Proot Records, so go and take it here now!
As always, pics and videos of our sets will be collected and posted very soon here, so don't forget to check back soon.
Love from all around Europe!

posted: 9th April 2009