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UPITUP NEWS: Upfree26 is here!

OMG, a new album is out!

Guess who: a whack MC who plays any instrument, and only sings if nobody's home?
Dingdingdingding! Correct, it's Tracky Birthday!!!

The same day his son Pepe was born, Tracky finished his new album Animal Audition! The musical styles on this masterpiece range from Tiki to Disco, from Polka to Rap, from Carnival to Other, from Surf Rock to 8-Bit Techno to Dub.

Download upfree26 now and live happily ever after!

You liked Tracky's fancy-trancey-underpantsy raps on the The Discoghosts album? Then you'll surely love this one!
The Upfree also includes tracks featuring Dragan Epenschied, Vernon LeNoir, The Discoghosts, and many other friends. If you recently saw one of Tracky's live performances you might already know some of the songs - if you haven't, book him! He needs to bring home some bacon now.

He's also one of the creators of Best before - A Dsico Fanzine, a limited edition magazine about Disco (you can order it, it's the perfect gift for Xmas!).
Art alarm: he will also be in the exhibitions Michael Jackson Doesn't Quit at Future Gallery in Berlin, curated by Ben Aqua and Mikey Awesome, and Forms of Melancholy at Sego Art Center in Utah, curated by Chris Coy.

The latest issue of the fanzine Junk Jet features an article net artist Olia Lialina wrote about him (aka Dennis Knopf). His work BootyClipse will also be shown at Filmwinter in Stuttgart. And the Dutch art paper HTV De Ijsberg is going to be publishing some works by Mister Knopf and his brother Bobby. Whisky wow-wow!

More news:
Cindy Sizer have just released the music video to their song Cindy Heisser which is on their album, upfree20. Check it out! Don't miss this either: On new year's eve, Roglok will bring his 303 and half of his home studio to Club Schocken in Stuttgart. Prepare for a dazzling Acid live-show that will properly launch you into 2009.

Merry Christmas and

up it up!

posted: 21st December 2008