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UPITUP NEWS: Party Ruiners on Egotwister!

What's happenin' kids, hope you had an awesome summer!
Before our nice universe gets eaten by a black hole from Switzerland we'd like to inform you about what's coming up on upitup:

Tracky will soon present his long awaited solo album, start the countdown. You can catch him play live at the Yard Festival in Stuttgart on the 26th (this friday). The album will feature tracks with The Discoghosts, Primix For Kids, Hasi Intl.™, Dragan Espenschied, Roglok, and Vernon LeNoir who will also be at the Yard Fest.

Tracky is also part of the online art show K.I.S.S. Principle on clubinternet.org, curated by Dutch artist Constant Dullaart...

Meanwhile, M-Boy, Roglok, Konrad, and Tracky are finishing their crazy fanzine about Disco, for which they'll have a release party October 10th; Pierlo will also fly in but more infos soon. Isocore will be playing some gigs in November, so stay toon.

Our friends at Egotwister Records just released their awesome compilation Party Ruiners Vol. II, and you should go order it! Featuring Bacalao, Okapi, Retrigger, amnésie, The Discoghosts, Vernon LeNoir, Edmond Leprince, and many more... Buy it dudes!

That's it for this update, auf Wiedersehen!

posted: 23rd September 2008