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Achtung Achtung, Celebration!

Our friends from the infamous Shake Your Tree collective will release their brand new book Shake Your Tree #3, The Discoghosts debut album is finally ready, and Upitup just turned 5! So what a better way to celebrate than with massive live gigs this spring ?

Here are the dates for the upcoming release parties all over Germany:

April 19, 2008 at Picknick, Berlin
April 26, 2008 tba, Mainz
April 30, 2008 at Sunny Red, Munich
May 3, 2008 at Transit, Stuttgart

"The Discoghosts" debut album Bad will also be featured as a CD inside Shake Your Tree #3. Spooky!

Pierlo is flying in from Rome, Tracky is coming all the way from New York City, Roglok is resurging from the dead, and The Discoghosts are re-charging their glow-in-the-dark bodyparts... so If you are in Germany then at least one of these locations is close to you, so come on out dudes! Show us some love! Berlin and Stuttgart will also feature special Shake Your Tree exhibitions, so put on your cocktail party faces.

And in case you didn't follow our messageboard here's a quick summary of what's happened recently:

Pierlo, Isocore, Jacques MalChance, Roglok and Vernon LeNoir have been flexing their live set muscles, playing gigs all over Liverpool, Rome, and Stuttgart.
In the meantime, Tracky started a new blog, was on national television in italy, and sold his soul at a NY art show curated by Cory Arcangel and Hanne Mugaas.
M-Boy launched his online portfolio www.manuelbuerger.com, and Hasi International™ of Shake Your Tree put his video Paperhouse on Fire up on the YouTube.

Check back soon to download the new The Discoghosts album for free, only available at your second favorite netlabel!

posted: 1st April 2008