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UPITUP NEWS: upfree23: Candlestickmaker's debut album "Seeds" released!

Hey kids!
Have you seen what Santa's brought us this year under the tree?
A brand new upitup member joined the family, straight outta Romania. Please welcome onboard Candlestickmaker, a promising youngster rasing from eastern europe that hit us with a memorable demo tape some months ago and is now ready for his debut in the high society of us hobby upitupping pranks...

Go straight to the upfree23 page where you can download this 13 tracks selection to get almost one hour of great music. You will be amazed by this talented 20some as much as we are. It will send you back to the good old '99 IDM / breaks - right to the times we were dreaming of our own label and thought school sucked fat ass and couldn't wait to get home to make that new track and burn it to cd and play it in our portable cd player the day after... ah, those were the days...

Enough romance, let's get back to business: Tracky was caught acting in Mainz during the shootings of his upcoming video. Rumors say it will be featured in Tracky Birthday's next upfree sometime in 2008. Also, it seems like Hasi International will be the director. Great fun awaits onwards, my son! Stay tuned!!!

As a final note: our past gigs have been a great succes. Check out our beloved (and huge!) crowds in our Flickr group!

Merry Christmas and see you all in 2008! Bellaaaaa!

posted: 23rd December 2007