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UPITUP NEWS: As the live madness continues...

Not only do we give out the best ts bumm tchack for free, we also present you kick-ass live shows!
We just had Ceephax, Acid Quiff, Chevron and our beloved Jacques Malchance mess up Liverpool while Roglok and M-Boy rattled the Stuttgart crowd at the Ping Pong Pinte (see photos here), and you know what? That was just the beginning!

Next in line is our long awaited "Upitup's Messy Xmas" bash, a must-see gig scheduled next Thursday December 6 at Drezla Lounge in Liverpool, with live performances by Otto Von Schirach, Rufus Mandelbrock, armaged:DON, Furness & Venom and of course Jacques Malchance!!! So, prepare thursday-ravers! Santa's got a massive bag for you this year.

December 8th we will have Roglok tear up Club Colibri in Stuttgart, with DJs Manuel "M-Boy" Buerger and André Herzer. What a holy day for an acid party!
Still in Stuttgart, on Thursday 13th we'll have Roglok + a top secret special guest perform live at "Abspaka", Kunstakademie am Killesberg. Konrad Kuhn and Manuel Buerger will be DJing as well, so rehearse your girl-hooking moves cause it's getting fonkey!

More shows will be announced here as soon as we move on.
In the meantime prepare to welcome a new member of the upitup family... (psst! It's a secret!)

Ho ho ho!

posted: 3rd December 2007