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UPITUP NEWS: Drone's debut upfree out / 2nd Upitup Night next thu in Liverpool

After a short period of recovering from a fun summer, we're back with a blast: Upfree21, Drone's masterpiece "HiFi Power Break Pop", is out for free download! Enjoy 10 tracks of genre defying braindamage by our favorite conspiracy theorist.

Drone is an Upitup-allstar and has always been there to rock our beloved compilations, so it was about time to release a complete album of just-the-finest boom-chack by Mr. Floorrocka. For all his fans: don't fucking miss this, you £@#$*! Download the whole album as a .zip here!

Jacques MalChance is organizing the Upitup Second Act party at Drezla Lounge in Liverpool on the 25th of October, with live performances by: Chevron (Planet MU), HeadCleaner (Rephlex), Monsterplastic, Mertcore (both Marionette Records), Fleabane, Rainbow Warrior, Doughnutburger and of course Jacques himself. For those in the UK: don't fuckin miss it, you cunts!

Upitup's Third Act will be a 303 night on saturday the 24th of November; live on stage: Roglok, CEEPHAX Acid Crew, and more special guests to be confirmed!

December 6th will be Otto Von Schirach and Rufus Mandelbrock live, for a heavy mental breakcore nightmare! Oh my fucking shiat!

The next Upfree by Jacques MalChance is expected to arrive in one week. Yes - that's Halloween! Prepare for some evil acid tunes, it's gonna get scraryary!

Plus! Tracky was invited for TransyMusic, a collaborative music project in Transylvania, Romania, in mid December - organized by Morisena and curated by Ergo Phizmiz. Dracula's gonna have something fresh to bite this year!

That's all party people! Get ready to get ready!!!

posted: 21st October 2007