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UPITUP NEWS: Oktoberfizzle!

Here's a quick summary of what's going on at the Upitup laboratories:

Roglok, M-Boy and Tracky Birthday are performing at the Stuttgarter Kulturnacht at Merz Akademie on saturday the 13th (7:00 pm until 2:00 am), where Roglok is exhibiting his virtual reality audio application KlangKloetzchenKiste and Tracky his video installation Bootyclipse.

Tracky also got invited for Transymusic, a festival in Transylvania, Romania, in mid December - organized by Ergo Phizmiz.

Jacques MalChance is organizing the Upitup Monthly in Liverpool (every last thursday of the month /// exceptions may occur):
On the 25th of October, artists such as Chevron (Planet MU), HeadCleaner (Rephlex), Monsterplastic, Mertcore (both Marionette Records), Fleabane, Rainbow Warrior, Doughnutburger and of course Jacques MalChance will be performing at Drezla Lounge (Hardman Street 22), Liverpool. It's 5 pounds, come dressed up and bring glowsticks 'n shit! Oh my giddy aunt!
Jacques has also recorded an Upfree, which will be out soon.

Isocore's got a weekly radio show called Sinusoidi alla Gricia on Radio Sonar, every wednesday at 10:30 pm (Italian time), here's the link!

Drone, who is also working on his Upfree, has a brand new music video out called Strange Craft. Download it here! Vernon LeNoir is editing his short film, and Jonas The Plugexpert wrote a hardware review of the Korg R3 for a Dutch audio magazine called Interface. He also made a demo mix to go with the magazine's CD.
For everyone who hasn't contributed yet: write the lyrics for Tracky's new Upfree! Or, just download and read his master thesis. Or cook Pierlo's special Pasta al Radicchio e Gorgonzola recipe which has made it to the front page of instructables.com!

Upitup artists live listing:
Jacques Malchance:
23/10/07 @ The static Gallery - Liverpool
25/10/07 @ The Drezla Lounge - Upitup second Act - Liverpool
02/11/07 @ The Magnet - Liverpool
22/11/07 @ Korova - Liverpool

11/10/07 @ Mads club (ex dtt) - Via dei sabelli , 2 (san lorenzo) - Rome /w Syncopathos.

So you see, we're all pretty busy making sure to remain your second favorite music label!

Bella Nutella!

posted: 3rd October 2007