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UPITUP NEWS: Holy Cow! Another Upfree!

Someone call up Guinness World Records! Only one month after Pierlo's marvellous E.P. our youngest members Cindy Sizer are releasing their debut "Cindy Sizer" on your second favorite record label!

The East-German duo has grabbed the crowd's attention with their live set at a fashion show in Stuttgart last month, just after touring Germany with Roglok. Mocking pop and electro with their artsy trash sound, Cindy Sizer turns any club into an aerobic gym.
They love to pile up their massive amount of equipment among the audience, so everybody can enjoy the live performance and eventually join in and hit buttons and press keys. Typically performing in their venetian harlequin costumes they improvise on the xylophone and program drum machines on the fly, while the synthetic voice of Cindy is dropping ill lyrics.
What comes out is a distinctive cheese sound you will fall in love with immediately.

Download Cindy's Upfree20 for free! Tell your friends! If you don't have friends, tell your neighbours! And of course check Pierlo's Saturday Night Sleeper out as well when you're already at it...

Special announcement: Jacques MalChance will be playing live at the Woolfire Festival in Woodmancott, Hampshire which will take place from the 13th to the 15th of july!
Woolfire is a friendly back to roots festival promoting up and coming local bands, and alternative artists from around Winchester and the south of the UK.
So everybody pack your tent and get a sleeping bag and get up there!! A camping spot is included in the ticket.

AND there's confidential information about Roglok getting ready with his Upfree.
This message will destroy itself in five, four, three...

posted: 11th July 2007