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UPITUP NEWS: Isocore - Fegato - UPFREE73 - Free Download!

Isocore has a new album out Fegato and is available now from Upitup.

The album was initially released and distributed through the app Tinder in Liverpool, and after the Ban, through Happn in several cities like London, Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Milan and Tarquinia.
After a succesful transaction over the dating app the album is now available for everyone to download.
16 tracks for 50+ minutes for this first Isocore release on Upitup since 2004

We would also like to thank everyone who purchased the Canary Warp usb stick release, hope you are enjoying it as we are, now there are only 6 LEFT worldwide of this unique Upitup physical release containing also a full lenght video feature, limited to 50 copies.

Happy 2019 everyone, will make our 16th year one to remember!

And Isocore would like to thank everyone who matched and interacted during the launch campaign!

More releases soon!

posted: 7th January 2019