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UPITUP NEWS: Canary Warp ® - OUT NOW!

Just in time for Christmas:

Upitup Records is proud to introduce you to the work of the mysterious City Of London based producer Canary Warp and is doing it with style.

Been toying with the idea of releasing music on USB sticks since they appeared on the market, after only about 10 years and a long time in the making, here is our first USB release (UpUsb01): an edition limited to 50 copies, laser engraved brushed alluminium usb card boxed in a bespoke container, lined in black velvet, which is available to order and preview NOW.

It contains the amazing Self-titled album Canary Warp ® 6+2 bonus tracks album and a 36 minutes video.
We are in love with this release, and we are ecstatic to finally share with you absolute masterpieces like Mudchute, Battle Bus and the epic Ultrafayre (available only on the stick).
We strongly suggest to act fast if you want to snag one of these before christmas!

Soo for once, BUY IT NOW, everything else still free as usual!

And stay tuned as we will have more surprises for you soon!

posted: 7th December 2018