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UPITUP NEWS: upfree72 - My House Is My House Volume 2 by Lo Five is out now!!

Massive news!! Lo Five finally joins the Upitup family! All hail one of the best electronic producer in the Liverpool scene, also very active on the local scene with his own Emotion Wave imprint which serves as a label and some quality music events (like "A Day In The Sun" that’s happening on 25th of August in Birkenhead with a stellar lineup including Reedale Rise, S>>D, Isocore, Upitup Djs, Breakwave and many more!).

My House Is My House - Volume 2” its the second episode of the “Dance Music You Can Fall Asleep To” saga, which shows a different side of Lo Five’s sonic powers: 8 tongue in cheek studies on the theme of Lo-fi House, Broken Car Stereos, Take A Break Magazine and 4 track recorders. I’ve tried and i delightfully fell asleep to these, but also listened to these sober and crashed into a lamp post.

Oneiric, Pumping, Cheap, Atmospheric, Sweaty and Classy AF!
Give a warm welcome to upfree72 that is still free as it says on the tin!

More news: If you can speak italian you can check the reviews of our latest release “GeneratA” by Acchiappashpirt, on Vice's Noisey and The New Noise, the album is available to download here.

Also you can check all our lovely faces on these great pics by Andrew Bates of Upitup XV Birthday rave!

We’ve got more releases in the pipeline by Sert ONE, Germanager and a special project which will be out very soon signed Canary Warp (which will be a physical release, so save some dollahs, still free tho!)

Speak soon, promised X

posted: 1st August 2018