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UPITUP NEWS: Happy Birthday Pierlo! Upfree19 is OUT NOW!

Exactly two years have passed since Pierlo's debut album "Meccani$mo" was released as upfree14 in June 2005; now upfree19 "Saturday Night Sleeper" is finally out promising to become a new milestone for Upitup. And it's Pierlo's birthday, too!

Well after two years of being "underconstruction" or, to put it in WWW lingo, "beta" - Pierlo has finally provided us with a 10-pack of major grandhits featuring unforgetable songs like "Daje De Zion" and the apocalyptic dancefloor killer "Dance Or Die Trying". And on top of this cake Tracky Birthday put the final cherry: an amazing 80s glow-in-the-dark music video! Go check it on YouTube!!!

Full of that nerdy Pierlo-touch that makes your heart sweat and your legs sparkle like Spezi, "Saturday Night Sleeper" contains some of the most acclaimed tracks from the audience who experienced Pierlo's playful livesets all over Europe during the past 2 years of his studio-inactivity. Playful?!? Well, how would you call it when you'd see this beardy nerd jumping all over the place holding a Nintendo DS in his hands, controlling the audio effects using the touchpad and sending the midi messages over WiFi to his laptop? Or doing some stupid things like playing drum beats with his Wiimote via bluetooth? "Mmmh. Looks like a Nintendo commercial" you might think. Well not really! At least he didn't get any money from the big N! :)

So what are you waiting for? Wireless is the word! Go take the zip file and download Upitup's latest jewel before it's too late! And don't forget to leave comments on the board!

Special thanks to Hasi International for having realized the perfect upfree cover!

PS: Cindy Sizer played live at the fashion show of Blutsgeschwister, check photos here! There is also some video.

posted: 9th June 2007