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UPITUP NEWS: Knobheads Compilation Upfree70 OUT NOW

After a year of gestation (and procrastination), the infamous KNOBHEADS compilation is out now on Upitup Records!

A pure labour of love, for the city and the scene, we've managed to bring together some of our favourite artists from our 10 years in Liverpool.

Featuring tracks from artists familiar to fans of Upitup alongside some fresh faces, including Upitup debuts for ASOK, Reedale Rise, Joe McLaughlin and Bantam Lions. Representing some of Liverpool's best crews - including Postmusic, Cartier 4 Everyone, Deep Hedonia, Emotion Wave, M62 and Less Effect - the compilation presents a cross section of the electronic music scene in Liverpool. From ambient to footwork, and techno to chillout donk, we've got you covered.

This release also marks 1000+ free tunes on Upitup.com, so TRACKY CHRISTMAS!

Enjoy at your leisure, FREE AS ALWAYS and with love from Upitup.

posted: 16th December 2017