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UPITUP NEWS: Noidboy - Elp (upfree67) - Out Now

We like long breaks, don't we? Do you think we were dead? we were for a bit..
but we want to be your new Jesus, so hereby we confirm that life after death is possible.


We will go on and on, dont you worry!

And quality can only go up.

Noidboy one of our longest standing artists, with us since the very beginning, has sent us another quality album, almost six years after the immense "Hide and Seek", "Elp" shows his loyalty to his very personal style, but the now Granada based artist shows an even greater attention to Details, Concept and surely Sound.

"Elp" is a 14 tracks puzzle, all the pieces snug together naturally, and when its over you'll ask for more. We can only say that this album is perfect. If you disagree let's debate! Ah, it's still FREE, after 13 years, still FREE.

Check the video for track N.2 TRAY:

And we have more quality releases lined up, so stay with us, out of the cave we go!

posted: 1st April 2016