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UPITUP NEWS: Give a hot welcome to Germanager!

Happy Summer EveryOne!

Yes, yes, we know what you're thinking, what da hell is happening at UpItUp?!
Well, we tend to have our periodical (and let’s say much needed) hiatuses, but if you are in the loop you know we don’t give up and still put on the best parties in town! (just look above)

So…Ladies & Lads, please give a hot welcome to new family member Germanager with his Smiles EP. An adventurous and mysterious album, think lo-fi pop & avant singer songwriter with hip hop infusions and kraut influences, think P.p. Roy meets Ergo Phizmiz with a cameo from Satanicpornocultshop.

Enjoy the summer with your newly provided soundtrack!

PS: And if you didn’t look above here’s your LIVE GIGS UPDATES:
- This friday don’t miss our “al fresco” rave with Global Goon!!
- And N.B.! in October we’re putting on Luke fuckin' Vibert!
Be seeing you! :)

posted: 13th July 2015