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UPITUP NEWS: New Upfree Soon! Cindy Sizer Joins Us!

What's up foxy ladies and oklahomos,

we have completed our mini-marathon of gigs and radio shows; and only few days are left until Pierlo will release his Upfree, on the 10th of June (his birthday)!

And yet we're not tired to up things up: After a small tour with Roglok, the circuit-bent duo from eastern germany, Cindy Sizer, has joined the Upitup collective. They are working on an Upfree which will be ready in mid july! Also they're performing live in Stuttgart for the fashion show of Blutsgeschwister apparel on the 9th of june. Check their profile!

We have uploaded pictures from all of the concerts in Rome at the Noveventi, the _Hyperground party in Stuttgart as well as Roglok & Cindy Sizer's gigs in Weimar and Zwickau. See our Flickr group for party pix and our YouTube group for some video!
Thanks to Vernon LeNoir, Roglok, Tracky, Cindy Sizer, Pierlo, Sytrjv, Isocore, Mickey Eats Plastic, Moiex, and Jacques MalChance for an awesome series of live shows! Special thanks to Konrad Kuhn and Syncopathos for their organisation.

Also, the Raymond Scott remix tribute is now online at WFMU, including Tracky Birthday's interpretation of "Night & Day". Download the episode from Ergo Phizmiz' radio show The Phuj Phactory here.

Not to forget the _Hyperground special with Cory Arcangel (Beige Records) and drx of Bodenständig 2000 (Rephlex, Micromusic, FTM) playing their favorie midi tunes as well as own stuff. Hosted by T to the B. Listen here!

Also don't foget to see Jacques MalChance live @ Felt Club in Rome, together with res_et on the 13th of june!

Ah, and Telepolis (www.heise.de) ranked us among the top 3 of the world's best net labels.


posted: 31st May 2007