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UPITUP NEWS: Live Shows! Radio Shows! Releases!

What's up ladies and gentlemen!
We're happy to announce a very tight schedule of live acts, dj sets, radio shows and new releases taking place in the next two months around Europe and all over the place.

A lot of the live acts will be hosted at the "Noveventi", a weekly event at the Felt Club in San Lorenzo in Rome every Wednesday - starting at 9:20pm. You can check the MySpace page for more details about the location, prices etc.

Furthermore Tracky Birthday was asked to contribute a track for the Raymond Scott centennial release on the dutch label Basta next year: artists like Bebe del Banco (Japan), Felix Kubin (Germany), Margoo (Italy), Satanicpornocultshop (Japan) and many more will remix / cover Raymond Scott compositions from Manhattan Research Inc. and Soothing Sounds For Babies.

The album has been aired on New York's WFMU radio on may 16th at Ergo Phizmiz' show The Phuj Phactory;
listen to the stream here!

_HYPERGROUND Radio has invited artists and musicians Cory Arcangel (Brooklyn) and Dragan Espenschied of Bodenständig2000 (Rephlex, Feed The Machine Records, Micromusic.net) to play live on the 28th of may from 3-5 pm (German time - CEST). Famous for his Nintendo cartridge hacks (i.e. Super Mario Clouds) and his 8-bit Construction Set, Cory Arcangel– founding father of Beige Records (with Paul B. Davis)– will prepare a nice live set with Dragan aka drx which you will be able to listen to here.



Wed 16th: Primix For Kids + Moiexbeat LIVE @ "Noveventi", Felt Club (Rome, IT)
Wed 23rd: Isocore + Mickey Eats Plastic LIVE @ "Noveventi", Felt Club (Rome, IT)
Thu 24th: Vernon LeNoir, Tracky B, Roglok, Cindy Sizer, DJs Konrad Kuhn and M-Boy + special guest LIVE @ "Hyperground", Rocker33 (Stuttgart, GER)
Sat 26th: Roglok + Cindy Sizer LIVE @ CafeKönig (Zwickau, GER)
Sun 27th: Roglok + Cindy Sizer LIVE @ Bierkirche (Weimar, GER)
Wed 30th: Pierlo + Sytrjv LIVE @ "Noveventi", Felt Club (Rome, IT)
Wed 30th: Jacques Malchance LIVE @ "Revolution" (Liverpool, UK)

Wed 13th: Jacques Malchance LIVE @ "Noveventi", Felt Club (Rome, IT)

We will set up a pool for collecting pictures of the gigs, and post the link to the radio shows as soon as they're up.

And now the best: Pierlo has announced that his upfree19 will be released june 10th! Dajee!!!!!

We've also added some new shirts to our "Fake Your Tee" collection...
Our friends from Ego Twister Records have a new site. Don't forget to check it out!

So you're all advised! Don't miss or Monty will be pissed!

posted: 9th May 2007