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What's up, everybody! We'd like to welcome you on the brand new, straight but gayish, awe-inspiring and web2.0-pimped UPITUP.COM! More than a year has passed since we tore down ye olde uptowne, but stretching your patience to an unhealthy extend was definetely worth it: rss newsfeed, podcast, newsboard with user accounts - and the best part is yet to come! We'll open TWO more sections soon, but that's a surprise!

In the meanwhile download our fresh and dewy

upfree17 - "Back From The Future"

and leave your comments on the newsboard - let us know that you've been missing us!!! We've got a shitload of new stuff, special guests and cool projects ready for you in the next few weeks so stick around!

Also of great importance:
if you happen to be in Liverpool on the 8th of March, come celebrate our 4th birthday at "The Magnet" (Hardman St. 45), together with Cylob, Milanese, CEEPHAX, Jacques MalChance, Isocore, Primix For Kids, Roglok, and The Discoghosts!
Happy 4th Birthday UPITUP!

posted: 1st March 2007